Kuzeh Kung Mel!

Cook with Mel!


Learn the Secrets to Authentic Kristang Cooking

A 500-year-old cultural legacy of a unique and endangered cuisine inspired by
the early Portuguese and Dutch settlers in Malacca.


Chef Melba Nunis unveils the mystery that surrounds this rare cuisine with hands-on personal cooking instruction. Learn how to cook a variety of dishes including starters, mains and even complete single meals such as such as Curry Debal, Beef Semur, Keluak Curry, Portuguese Baked Fish, Mel’s Malacca Laksa and many, many more.

Trust that you will be getting the ‘real deal’ as all these recipes and cooking methods have been painstakingly preserved to maintain the highest level of authenticity of the Kristang culture and food. Not only will you learn how to cook a particular dish, but you will also be privy to the history behind it, thus resulting in a more enriching experience.



Melba Nunis Victor became a professional chef when she opened her restaurant, Simply Mel’s, in 2011. A highly successful business with a solid reputation for serving good-old- fashioned cooking of a rare cuisine, Melba has found a way to use her gifts and talents to bring joy to herself and others. At a ripe age of 58, she left the comfort and familiarity of being a full-time mother and homemaker and landed in the restaurant business.

She was born and raised in Garden City, Ujong Pasir, Malacca where she was exposed to a style of cooking that finds its roots in a 500 year-old legacy left behind by the early Portuguese and Dutch Settlers in 15th century Malacca. This rare and unique cuisine known as ‘Kristang’ fuses a plethora of indigenous cultural and traditional influences that has resulted in the birth of a flavourful masterpiece.

Mel’s goal is to introduce as many people as possible to this marvellous cuisine that she has enjoyed all her life. She recently published her very own book titled ‘A Kristang Family Cookbook‘, which was released in 2014.



Kari Debal ‘Devil’ Galinhia
Seybah Galinhia

Everyday meal
Kari Malayu Baca / Galinhia
Terung Sambal

Comfort food
Kari Captain Galinhia
Chap Chai

Fishermen’s favourites
Pesce Chuan Chuan
Kari Malayu Kambrang kung Nanas

Semur Baca
Pesce Sambal Binagre

On Rainy days
Corned Beef Meatball Stiu
Sambal Nanas kung Kambrang

Kari Keluak Galinhia
Cincalok Omelette

Galinhia Pai

Local influence
Malacca Nasi Lemak with Mel’s Galinhia Serai & Kambrang Tambrinhyu

Good times with friends
Mel’s Malacca Laksa

Translation: Galinhia – Chicken; Baca – Beef; Kambrang – Prawn; Pesce – Fish; Cincalok – Fermented Krill